So, you have a website for your beauty business but it’s not bringing in the customers, right?

Maybe you built the website yourself? Kudos to you! Not everyone could handle that task.
But now you’re wondering why the phone isn’t ringing.

Or, maybe you even hired a professional developer to build your site? But, it’s not bringing in the clients that you had hoped, so you’d like a second opinion.

We are here to help you get back on the Google track with a full website audit. Let us take an in-depth view of your website and help you fix it!

Spa and Salon Website Audit Pricing

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Not ready to spend the money on a full website audit?

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Your In-Depth Website Audit will include:

Mobile Compatibility

Is your website mobile friendly? Does it work properly on all size devices and browsers?

Speed Check

We will test your website speed across multiple platforms and provide a list of what needs to be improved upon to improve your speed.

Software Compatibility

Do you have slow or old plugins that are slowing your site down or causing other compatibility errors?

Google Integrations

Do you have Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up correctly and installed on your website?

Crawling Issues

Do you have technical or software issues that are preventing Google and other search engines from crawling (or listing) your site?

Meta Tag Examination

Have you set up your meta tags properly for each page on your site? Could your Title and Description tags be improved upon?

Basic SEO Settings

This is a check to see if all basic SEO settings have been properly set up throughout your website. What is your site missing?

Google Business Profile

Have you claimed, setup or linked your GBP to your website? What can be done to improve your free Google listing?

Backlink Audit

Do you have any backlinks pointing to your site? Should any be removed? We also include a backlink report for two of your competitors.

Price Quote

In addition to providing a report of all the information above, also included is a separate price quote to fix the reported items.